Micro Bikini Babes Nude

We all have our own fetishes. But one of the more common fetishes, is the art of a hot babe pulling off an incredibly tiny micro bikini. You know, the bikinis that barely cover the girls boobs. Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about here. Check out some of these sexy bikini models and just how small their triangle bikini tops really are.

micro bikini

Look at this hot tanned girl sporting a super micro bikini top whilst spending her day by the pool.

bikini models

Most girls want to be bikini models, real girls want to be micro bikini models.

bikini girls

One of the most attractive bikini girls we’ve seen on Tumblr lately. We just had to post this one up.

triangle bikini

Oh yeah girl, you flaunt that amazing triangle bikini. It’s ok if a nip slip occurs, we won’t bite.

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